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Career Fulfilment Coaching

Online Career Coach for Career Change & Career Development

Everyone deserves to find their 'why' in life. As an accredited career coach, Marina works with passionate, mid-career professionals to help them find fulfilling, meaningful work. This can mean helping you to navigate a career change, develop your existing role, start your own business or anything in between. 

If you're unhappy or frustrated in your current career and would like to get clarity on how to move forward, a personalised career coaching programme could be the solution for you.


Career Re-invention Programme

A tried and tested 12-step programme created for individuals seeking career change and unsure of where to go next or even how to begin. You will achieve career clarity through the process and leave with an achievable action plan.

Fast Forward Coaching Programme

A bespoke life & career coaching programme designed to help you press the "fast forward" button in your life. It's for those that are ready to jumpstart action and need accountability and support

along the way.

One-off Career & Business 
 Coaching Sessions

One-off coaching sessions can cover a range of areas and provide you with a boost of career confidence! Areas often cover: career or business strategy, interview / CV preparation, as well as managing career obstacles.

DISC Personality Assessment
Analysis Session

A one-off session to analyse your personality profile. Understanding your style will help you to become a better and more influential communicator, help resolve conflicts, and understand others better.


I'm an experienced career coach and mentor and I'm passionate about helping people realise their career aspirations and potential.

After a career working my way up in small businesses, start-ups and charities, I now specialise in career transition coaching, as well as career development coaching. I work with individuals from any professional background, who want to take positive steps forward in their careers. 

I've had to navigate huge changes in my own career and I understand what it takes to transition successfully to a new role or industry. I've worked in a variety of roles across a range of industries including communications & media, technology, the charitable sector and most recently, I was Chief Operating Officer at a legal learning & development start-up, before setting up my own career coaching practice. 

I'm a licensed career coach with Firework Coaching, a qualified life coach with The Coaching Academy and accredited to use the DISC personality profiling system.  I mentor 18-24 year olds as part of the Steps Ahead Mentoring programme run by the CIPD and I also hold a degree (MA Hons) in Classics from the University of Edinburgh.



Is career coaching right for me?

Coaching can work for everyone, but to get value from it you will need to commit  the time and energy that it requires. The results of coaching can help you make significant improvements in your life, but you will first need to be personally committed to making change.

I offer a free, online 30 minute consultation so you can understand exactly what I offer and if it's right for you at this time.

What services do you offer?

In addition to online coaching, I offer a variety of complementary services, including DISC profiling as well as coaching sessions specifically targeting interviews and CVs. I work with professionals from any background, who predominantly tend to be in their late 20's, 30's and 40's. Based on your current challenges, we will explore what might benefit you the most in the initial consultation.

When do I need to commit & what are the costs?

Following your free 30 minute consultation, you will need to decide whether or not to commit to coaching. The consultation is designed to give you the opportunity to explore whether coaching with me would be right for you and to help you make an informed decision.

My fees are dependent on the programme you choose and any add-on services you'll need. I typically work with clients over a minimum of six sessions, but I also offer targeted one-off sessions where required. The level of investment you want to make in yourself will be discussed during the initial consultation.

How long will a coaching programme last?

How long we work together will depend on which programme you opt for, which will be based on your needs. My Career Re-invention programme typically runs over 12-24 weeks depending on the pace you feel comfortable with.  My Fast Forward programme will be tailored to your requirements, starting from as little as six weeks to more than six months. As every client partnership is unique, these programmes are co-created and can be adapted to cover what's most important to you.


"Marina's Career Re-Invention Programme was the perfect programme that I didn't even know I needed and Marina is such an amazing listener, asking all the right questions at the right times resulting in many an epiphany! Before working with Marina, I felt like I had decision paralysis on what I should be doing in my career. Now, I am so full of confidence in, myself, my short-term & longer-term goals and I am excited for what the future holds! Thank you for everything, Marina. Looking forward to keeping in touch.”

Steph, Sustainability Lead

Career Re-invention Programme - January 2024

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I offer a free, online 30 minute online consultation to chat about how career coaching could help you.

So if you’re wondering how to make the next step in your career and think coaching could be worth exploring, then get in touch today and schedule your free consultation.

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