It costs you more to stay stuck


Career Re-invention Programme

What's included:

  • Initial no-obligation 1:1 consultation

  • 12 coaching sessions typically run over 4-6 months, covering self-exploration, discovery of your career options, and development of a career strategy & action plan

  • DISC personality profile report & analysis session

  • Follow-up consultation after programme conclusion

Bespoke 1:1 Coaching

What's included:

  • Initial no-obligation 1:1 consultation

  • A programme (minimum of six sessions) that can be designed to meet your specific career needs 

  • Sessions can include mentoring,  DISC profile analysis, business strategy, CV writing guidance & interview preparation - see more below


DISC Profile & Analysis

What's included:

  • Initial no-obligation 1:1 consultation

  • DISC profile report - read more here

  • A one-off session to analyse your DISC report, which will deepen your understanding of yourself & others. We will also explore how you can play to your strengths and work around your weaknesses as a manager / leader or team player

  • Can be purchased as a one-off session or incorporated into a coaching programme 

Specialised Services

What's included:

  • Practical business strategy sessions for those needing help setting up a new business or starting out as a sole trader 

  • Training sessions on CV writing & interview preparation

  • ​​Guidance on specific career challenges as an experienced mentor & CIPD Steps Ahead Mentor